My Style

A Journalistic Approach

I believe that life is full of special little moments that often go unnoticed or are soon forgotten. The ability to look back through your images and really feel the emotions all over again is something I strive to give my clients. Whether it’s jumping on the bed, sweet moments reading with your littles, canon balls in the  pool, barefoot feet swinging in the trees, or just a sweet moment with your family filled with lots of laughter; I look for these to document. These moments are the ones that make beautiful images and really make a gallery special.


And then there is light. My favorite is the warm golden light that is so romantic and just really sets the tone of an image. Light can often can shape an image and even heighten the emotion in it.

Lifestyle Sessions

Real moments are my favorite! And while traditional portrait sessions are equally as important, my all time favorite sessions are lifestyle sessions. Spending a day in your life, documenting real moments with a journalistic approach, allows me to give you a glimpse back into your favorite times with your family. After all, your family should be documented the way it deserves to be.