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Life Should be Simple

There are so many days where these kiddos play together out in the fresh air, Florida winter weather and sunshine. Many days go by where I wish I had brought my camera and documented their fun (some of their daily chores too). Life is so beautiful and should be simple, yet it’s so complex. We live in a world where our attention is always pulled in one direction or another. Information overload! Whenever I can void out the technology and let my kids be little, I jump at the opportunity. These moments of climbing trees, playing with the cows, eating vegetables out of the garden, imaging they are on a pirate ship (thats really a trailer), playing with sticks, swinging from the trees and just being kids – these are the moments I love and I see their imaginations soar. And all with such treasured friends!

A Personal Lifestyle Session

Lifestyle sessions are my most favorite thing to shoot. They really tell a story of the family and show who they are more than just what they look like. Recently I wrote a post about “my why” and why I pick up my camera. You can see it here. I am always wanting to document my littles every day life and hold onto those memories forever. This season of life is so fleeting….so I am holding tight to it! Raise your hand if you don’t want your babies to grow up too quickly!

Recently, I took my camera with me out to a friend house where we told the kids to “go play”. The only thing we asked them to do was to play in the garden and to check the chicken coop for eggs. No posing, no telling them how to play; just a simple “go play”. I wanted raw, unposed moments that portrayed most of their time together and time outside. These are the images I left with.

Also – A big thank you to our treasured friends for always sharing their little slice of heaven with us 🙂

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Lifestyle on the Farm

lifestyle session on the farmfarm lifelifestyle on the farm

Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle in the Garden

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