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My All Time Favorite Sessions

As I have been working on my own wall galleries and family photo albums over the last 5 years I have realized that my absolute favorite images are those “real moments” that have been captured. Whether it’s at home, the pool, on vacation, bath time for our little guy or just normal moments around the house, these are the images that I choose for my own walls. And now, a majority of my clients are doing the same. Hence, my “Day in the Life” Sessions were born!

These sessions take place at your home or even out at your favorite hang out spot, but the approach is always to document your family in real moments, doing things you would do every day. These sessions give a glimpse into your life and really capture some pure, raw emotions that most posed portrait sessions won’t. I still love regular┬áportrait sessions and think they are just as important, but these lifestyle sessions are an amazing way to document your life and tell your story. What’s your story?!

A Day in the Life of the P Family

We started off the day by playing around the house and even making some breakfast. Then we had some basketball and soccer games in the driveway. And don’t forget some baby time in the nursery. Things these kiddos do everyday. Then it was off to the pool for some swimming fun. Some of my favorite shots come from the pool. For this session we combined a day in the life as well as a portrait session after, so there are some cute shots of the boys getting all dressed up for their photos. I think these kiddos said this was their favorite session ever…because they got to PLAY the whole time! Me too boys me too. No posing allowed!

Here are a few images from recent mini day in the life session.

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