Day in the Life Session on the Farm

A Day in the Life…

Lifestyle sessions, or a “Day in the Life” sessions are my absolute favorite. Hands down my favorite thing to shoot. With a little planning they can really depict the true personalities and lifestyle of your family and so many raw moments and emotions can come out of them. Whether it is reading books to your little ones on the couch, doing cannon balls in the pool, feeding or loving on a sweet baby, making cookies in the kitchen, bath time with the little ones, playing outside or just hanging around the house; there are so many of these moments that are soon forgotten or taken for granted. But in the end it’s the simple things in life that really matter and how cool to be able to have them documented. These sweet moments are yours to keep and hold onto, through memory and also through tangible images!

Day in the Life…On a Farm!

Oh how I love this family. They are such a sweet, kind and down to earth family that I just adore. These people are so special to us. I was really excited and honored to document a day for them!

Here is a combined family lifestyle session and portrait session that took place in the spring. We planned out the afternoon, doing things that they normally do in their everyday life. We documented everything from feeding chickens, playing with the goats, reading books under the oak tree, play time, bath time, swinging on the tree swing and walking down their dirt road as a family. These moments are the moments that made it on this client’s walls and ones they will now cherish forever.

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